Tips for eating seasonally & why it makes a difference


    When the winter season rolls around, it brings a special variety of vegetables that are not only good for your health but also great for adding some warmth and flavor to your meals. So, let us walk you through the perks that these seasonal vegetables bring along! 

    Wonders of winter vegetables

    Winter is the season for some amazing vegetables, and a veggie lover should definitely avail of their benefits! 

    Root vegetables

    Carrots, beets, and potatoes are staple root vegetables. They’re packed with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fiber. These veggies are perfect for hearty meals that warm you up from the inside out.

    Leafy green flags

    Then there are the leafy greens like kale, methi, and spinach. They’re full of vitamins A, C, and K, plus iron and antioxidants. In winter, when colds and flu are common, these nutrients are especially important for keeping your immune system strong.

    Winter squash

    Squash, including butternut and acorn, is another highlight of the season. They’re versatile – great in soups, roasts, or pies – and full of vitamins A and C. Squash adds a sweet, earthy flavor to any dish.

    But what if you want to enjoy the winter veggies all year round? That’s where we step in…Shana offers a range of frozen vegetables that let you enjoy the taste and nutrition of winter veggies at any time!

    Shana’s frozen vegetable range

    At Shana, we understand the value of seasonal veggies, which is why we bring the best of winter’s produce to you throughout the year with our frozen vegetable range. Our storage process ensures that the vegetables are frozen at peak ripeness, locking in the freshness and nutrients. This means that even when winter is over, you can still enjoy the health benefits and tastes of these vegetables at any time of the year.

    A diverse range of frozen veggies

    Our range includes baby okra, spinach, methi, parwal, arvi, Punjabi tinda, and much more. These vegetables add variety to your diet and let you explore different flavors and cuisines.

    Convenience without sacrificing quality

    With frozen vegetables, you get the ease of pre-prepared veggies without losing the nutritional benefits of fresh produce. It’s perfect for busy lifestyles, or some out-of-season cravings.

    Make the most of the seasonal and frozen veggies!

    Incorporating a mix of fresh seasonal and frozen vegetables into your diet is a great strategy. It lets you enjoy the benefits of both. For instance, add some of our frozen methi or spinach to a stew or soup for extra flavor and nutrients.

    Also, planning meals around what’s in season can be helpful. It lets you try new recipes and eat a varied diet. And with our frozen options, you can keep enjoying your favorite winter veggies even when they’re out of season.

    To sum up, winter vegetables are a key part of a healthy diet during the colder months. And with Shana’s frozen range, you can continue to enjoy these nutritious and delicious vegetables all year round. It’s a convenient and healthy choice that fits easily into any lifestyle.


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