Quick and easy vegetarian dinner ideas!


    Are you a busy parent juggling work and family, a student on a tight schedule, or simply someone craving a healthy, delicious, yet traditional meal? Well, we’ve got something for you! Our quick and easy vegetarian dinner ideas are going to make your dining experience super easy. So, let’s have a look at some nutritious, mouth-watering meals that can be whipped up in no time!

    Aloo palak (spinach and potato curry)

    Aloo Palak is a quick, healthy, and flavorful dish, which gets ready in just 30 minutes. It features a nutrient-rich Shana spinach with potatoes in a curry that’s packed with authentic flavors of Indian spices. It’s not only easy to prepare but also offers a great way to include greens in your diet. Serve this curry with roti, paratha, or chapati for a complete dinner.

    Bhindi masala (okra curry)

    Bhindi masala just takes about 25 minutes of your time. This dish involves stir-frying Shana okra in a savory onion and tomato base. The key to a good Bhindi Masala lies in the balance of spices and the freshness of the okra, making it a perfect dish for a quick dinner. Pair it with chapati or rice for a perfect vegetarian meal.

    Turia eggplant shaak

    For a delicious and easy-to-make dish, the turia eggplant shaak is an excellent choice. Ready in just about 15 minutes, this dish brings together Shana fresh turia and eggplant, seasoned with spices like cumin, coriander, and a hint of chili. This blend makes this dish a wonderful combination of health and taste. Pair it with a warm roti or a bowl of steamed rice.

    Tindora aloo sabzi (Tindora and potato curry)

    Tindora Sabzi, also known as Ivy Gourd or Tendli Sabzi, is a lightly spiced, dry vegetable dish that’s both healthy and delicious. Thinly sliced Shana tindora is stir-fried with potatoes and a range of Indian spices. 

    It’s an easy dish, taking about 20-25 minutes to cook, and is perfect for a quick dinner. The crunchiness of tindora combined with the softness of potatoes and the aromatic spices makes it a nutritious addition to any meal. You can serve it hot with chapati or rice.

    Pro tip: You can also swap the tindora with Shana Punjabi tinda if you are not a fan of tindora.

    Each of these recipes provides a wholesome, flavorful, and easy-to-prepare dinner option, making the most of Shana’s fresh and quality ingredients.


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