Low-effort Diwali recipes with Shana!

    diwali recipes by Shana Foods in Canada

    Imagine the golden glow of twinkling lights, fireworks painting the night sky, and the familiar, comforting aroma of home-cooked treats wafting through the air. Ah, Diwali – that time of the year when nostalgia hits hard, we yearn for the warmth of family gatherings and the joy of shared feasts. But who says you can’t recreate that magic, no matter where you are?

    This Diwali, we’re throwing it back to the good old days, but with a Shana Foods twist! Let’s relive those cherished moments, whip up some quick, delicious bites, and make new memories, all while keeping the festive vibes alive and kicking. So, dust off your aprons, put on your party hat, and let’s get this Diwali party started, Shana style!

    Sweet beginnings with coconut ladoo

    Nothing screams Diwali like the sweet, coconuty goodness of Ladoos. And with Shana shredded coconut, you can recreate this traditional delight in your kitchen hassle-free! Just mix, shape, and relish some sweet coconut bites!

    Samosa chaat extravaganza

    Remember those bustling street corners back home, laden with the tangy, spicy aroma of samosas and chaat? Well, with Shana’s Frozen Punjabi Samosas, you can bring that street food magic to your Diwali party! Bake or fry the Shana samosas, enjoy them on their own as a snack; or just break them up, mix some tangy chutney sauces and veggies, and make a savory samosa chaat!

    Spice it up with mixed vegetable pakoras:

    Who can forget those rainy Diwali evenings, made perfect with a plate of fried hot pakoras? By making a rich batter with some besan (gram flour), Shana vegetables of your choice, and aromatic spices, you can fry and recreate that crispy, spicy joy in no time. Pair it with some mint or mint chutney for some extra flavor.

    Rollin’ with chicken malai tikka

    Remember when Diwali meant family, fun, and feasts that lasted for hours… Well, you can bring back those grand celebrations by heating some Shana frozen parathas and then stuffing them with luscious, rich, and creamy chicken malai tikka.

    The royal palak paneer

    When it comes to Diwali dinners, a delicious bowl of palak paneer holds a place at the table. Take out the Shana frozen spinach, cut some fresh paneer cubes, and cook it up with the easiest recipe for palak paneer we have got for you.  

    Refreshing mango lassi pops

    Diwali festivities are never complete without the sweet, soothing touch of Lassi. And now, you can give it a fun twist with Mango Lassi ice pops made from Shana mango pulp. It’s a childhood favorite; all dressed up!

    DIY Fun with nachos and paratha cupcakes

    Make some DIY nachos and paratha cupcakes, all from the Shana naans & chapattis, and frozen parathas range.

    And for a cheesy surprise, don’t forget to try out the Pizza Naan – a fun fusion of our naan range and delicious toppings of your choice. 

    So, with Shana Foods, your Diwali celebrations are sure to be lit (pun intended)! Happy Diwali, and happy feasting!

    P.S. Don’t forget to check out Shana Foods’ website and our Instagram handle for more recipe inspiration and a wide range of products that will make your Diwali celebrations even brighter!


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