Back to school quick lunch ideas!

    Back to school quick lunch ideas by shana foods

    Attention all mums out there! Fall is coming in a few weeks, the alarms are set, the backpacks are packed, and the extracurricular activity schedules are finalized and posted everywhere…which only means one thing! It’s back-to-school season! In all the madness, it’s easy for lunch prep to slip through the cracks.


    With the convenience of Shana’s pre-cooked parathas, naans, & frozen veggies. We have created this list of healthy and easy school lunches that we hope will inspire you and give you more lunchbox menu ideas, whether you’re going back to school or just need some new lunch ideas for kiddies.

    So, pack easy & healthy lunches for your kiddos with Shana!

    Paratha on a stick

    If you’re looking for lunchbox ideas other than sandwiches, today is your lucky day! Because Shana has something special for you. Just take cheese cubes, tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken cubes, and Shana Paratha (cut the paratha into strips) and put them on a stick! 

    They are easy to assemble, and the kids can even help! You can make them the night before because they won’t get soggy like bread!

    Mini pizza naan 

    A super quick and easy recipe to make, and they taste so fresh and delicious! You just need Shana Garlic Naan layered with pizza sauce or creamy hummus (for more protein), fresh veggies (you can add frozen okra for vibrant colors), and tons of tender chicken pieces, all covered in melty mozzarella cheese. 

    You can mix and match the ingredients or let your kids pick their favorites!  

    Pro tip: You can also use some leftover chicken.  

    Paratha cupcakes

    These paratha cupcakes are layered with meat and cheese and baked to crispy, gooey perfection. You just need Plain Lacha Parathas (for extra crisp), and voila! It’s time to build your paratha cupcakes! The first layer is paratha, which gets pressed into the wells of a muffin tin (you can cut them round with the help of a cookie cutter so they can perfectly fit in a tray). 

    Add a layer of meat and shredded cheese. Then you’re going to repeat the process by stacking a second layer of paratha, meat, and cheese on top of the first. From there, the paratha cupcakes get baked until the cheese melts and turns golden brown. 

    And there you have it! They’re all ready to dig in. Your picky little devils will love to see these mini paratha cupcakes in their lunch boxes.

    DIY nachos

    These DIY lunchbox nachos are easy enough to prep that the kids can definitely help prepare them. They’ll love assembling this fun DIY nacho lunch with black beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and guacamole!

    To form the base of our DIY nachos, we use Shana Original Paratha, which is perfect for loading up your favorite toppings, and it comes out so yummy! 

    And last but not least…Don’t forget to add some fresh fruit and something to drink. Feel free to customize the toppings! 

    What are you waiting for? Stock up your freezers with these convenient & delicious parathas, naans, and veggies, and get ready to make lunchtime awesome!

    So, next time you need any lunch ideas, remember Shana Foods! We’re here to save the day and add a delicious twist to your kids’ lunches.


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