3 smart ways to use up leftover mashed potatoes

    3 smart ways to use up leftover mashed potatoes

    Mmm… mashed potatoes! Creamy & comforting, mashed potatoes are a side-dish dream. No matter how many spoonfuls of mashed potatoes you eat, there always seem to be some leftovers at the end of the night. But reheated the next day? They’re kind of meh. Instead of settling for soggy leftovers, the best way to use mashed potatoes is by turning them into a totally new dish. Yes, you read that right!

    Mashed potatoes are super versatile and can be used in so many ways. And having leftovers on hand will save you time in the kitchen! Shana will help you with the stash of refrigerated mashed potatoes!

    We’ve got 3 smart ways to use leftover mashed potatoes (from all over the world!). In fact, you’ll want to make extra mashed potatoes just for these recipes!

    1. Indian aloo paratha & samosa

    Aloo Paratha is a quick & simple way to use up leftover mashed potatoes in your fridge. Just spice them up a bit, and add some veggies like diced onions, methi leaves, and green chillies (for a fiery kick). Grab two Plain Lacha Parathas, sandwich the spiced potato filling between them, seal the edges, and cook in a hot pan until golden. Serve it with mint raita and chutney for a yummy, quick lunch!

    And guess what? You can also make crispy, flaky samosas with the same filling. Cut a paratha in half, add the potato filling, fold, and seal. Air-fry until golden brown, and enjoy these quick samosas with raita or tea. Quick, creative, and delicious! 

    And of course…you can try Shana Homestyle Aloo Paratha and Punjabi Samosas for authentic Indian flavors!

    2. Turkish lahmacun

    Aka “Turkish pizza”. We’ll make it Shana style! It’s pretty easy to make and comes together quickly. Spice the mashed potatoes to perfection with all of the spices, peppers, fresh garlic, and herbs. Add a generous amount of potato filling all across the Chilli & Coriander Naan and press tightly. 

    Bake in the oven for a few minutes until golden brown on the edges. Take it out of the oven, allow it to cool for a few minutes, and enjoy – it’ll taste SO good! Add a bit of cucumber yogurt on top, pickled red onions, tomato, and mint leaves for refreshing flavors. 

    3. Mexican paratha tacos

    Turn your boring mashed potatoes into a flavorful taco filling. Mix them with onions, peppers, and coriander for extra zing. Assemble the tacos by warming the Original Paratha, spreading the potato filling, and folding them. 

    Bake until crispy, and then pair with a crispy red cabbage slaw and tangy feta cheese (you can choose the toppings of your choice). With our paratha range and minimal ingredients, you’ll create a delicious Mexican-inspired feast!

    Grab your favorite parathas, naans, samosas, and frozen vegetables now and feel the convenience & ease of cooking with Shana Food!

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