Team paratha for life!

    Plate of Indian food paratha

    We all love parathas, don’t we? They’re a great way to enjoy quick and easy desi breakfasts, school tiffins, canteen conversations, and whatnot!  With a wide variety of fillings – the most popular being aloo – parathas have become a staple in South Asian breakfasts. The fillings are spiced with traditional herbs & spices and served hot with condiments like curry, chutney, curd, and pickles. 

    Shana understands the profound adoration parathas have within the hearts of the people.   Their warm, flaky texture evokes a sense of comfort and nostalgia, reminding individuals of cherished moments spent with family and friends. 

    Try out some of the best plain and stuffed parathas we offer! 

    Our parathas

    Shana parathas are the perfect combo of taste and texture. Our plain lacha paratha is a rich, flaky flatbread that pairs well with curries and omelets, making it an ideal choice for a delicious breakfast. What sets this paratha apart is its unique folding techniques, which give it special layers called lacha. If you want to be on the lighter side, wholesome original paratha or flavorful varieties like garlic paratha or chili paratha work best for you. These convenient parathas are all set to cook. By simply placing one paratha in a hot pan and flipping it a few times, you’ll have a fresh, golden paratha ready to enjoy.

    Aloo paratha

    Let’s start with the basics – Aloo paratha is a type of flatbread filled with a spicy potato filling. One of the most popular forms of parathas worldwide is the aloo paratha with ghee (clarified butter) or butter. To make aloo paratha highly delightful, we recommend serving it with a side of salad and a dollop of fresh yogurt. If you’re a fan of both aloo and gobi, then you simply can’t miss out on our irresistible creation…homestyle aloo gobi paratha. Gobi is not only delicious but also nutritious. Often, kids don’t prefer to eat cauliflower due to its blandness, but this paratha is the perfect balance of both taste and nutrition, which is why we bring this to your freezers with convenience! 

    Onion paratha  

    At times, you get tired of eating plain paratha and want to mix it up. Another variety of paratha is an onion paratha. This is stuffed with chopped onions, fiery green chilies, fragrant coriander leaves, and a selection of spices. To bring out the rich flavors, this enticing mixture is skillfully sauteed in fragrant oil before being generously enveloped within the soft folds of the dough.

    Mixed veg paratha

    The ultimate heartthrob of every Punjabi household! The hot, buttery smell takes over the whole house when this frozen paratha is being freshly fried in a hot pan. Made with mixed vegetables, wheat flour and wholesome spices, this paratha is simply delicious Best served with curds and pickles. And a fantastic homestyle mixed veg paratha to accompany any long train journeys.

    Now for those of you, who no longer reside in the country and have shifted abroad for further studies… You are bound to miss the joy of this food freshly made by your mom as you get ready for school.  

    Don’t worry though, because we’ve got you covered! For years now, Shana Foods has been serving a range of tasty plain & stuffed parathas you can enjoy. 

    So have a happy and healthy creation, Team Paratha! 


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