Paneer Tikka Mini Samosas (25pcs)(500gms) Shana Foods Canada

Paneer Tikka Mini Samosas (25pcs)(500gms)
Samosas & Snacks

Paneer Tikka Mini Samosas (25pcs)(500gms)


Tikka Mini Samosas available in a convenient value pack of 25 pieces. These bite-sized treats are a celebration of traditional Indian cuisine, with a modern twist, perfect for satisfying your cravings or sharing with friends & family.


  • Authentic spice blend
  • Quick & easy prep


Appetizer: Serve them as an appetizer at parties or gatherings, paired with chutneys and sauces for dipping.

Snack Time: Enjoy them as a satisfying snack any time of the day. Best paired with tea or coffee.

Side Dish: Enjoy them with your favorite Indian main dishes.

Lunchbox Treat: Pack them in your lunchbox for a delicious midday treat.

Party Platter: Arrange them on a platter with other finger foods to create a delicious party spread.

Storage Instructions:

Freezer: Store the value pack in your freezer at -18°C (0°F) or lower.

Resealable Bag: After each use, reseal the bag tightly to prevent freezer burn and maintain freshness.

category :Samosas & Snacks
Weight :500g

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