Super simple shredded coconut chicken tikka masala recipe!

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    We all know we can’t say NO to the iconic Chicken tikka masala, ever… right? And when you introduce a splash of coconut milk into the equation, you bring a touch of the tropics making it even more irresistible!

    This version of the beloved dish offers a creamy twist, into the bold traditional spices with the subtle, sweet hint of coconut. 

    It’s a perfect meal for those evenings when you want something special yet with no fuss – and you can make it with ease using just what’s in your pantry. 

    So, let’s see how you can whip up a super simple shredded coconut chicken tikka masala!

    Making the shredded coconut chicken tikka masala!

    Let’s guide you on how to create this delicious savory dish at home. 

    Begin with a homemade curry paste, blending onions, garlic, and ginger with a robust lineup of spices including garam masala, turmeric, cumin, coriander, and a sprinkle of paprika. 

    This mix will lay a fragrant foundation for your Tikka Masala, giving it depth and warmth.

    Then, marinate chunks of chicken in this spiced paste mixed with Greek yogurt, which helps tenderize the chicken, and infuse it with the spices. 

    Next, cook this marinated chicken in a smooth bath of coconut milk, which you can buy or also easily make at home with Shana shredded coconut

    If you’ve never made coconut milk before, it’s surprisingly simple. Soak Shana’s unsweetened shredded coconut in hot water, blend, and strain. This fresh coconut milk with no additives will add an unbeatable creaminess and fresh flavor to the dish.

    Simmer the chicken and coconut milk together with some tomato paste until the chicken is tender and the sauce is rich and thick. 

    Serve your Coconut Chicken Tikka Masala over a bed of fluffy boiled rice or with warm Shana plain naan for a comforting, hearty meal.

    Paneer tikka masala in coconut curry for vegetarians

    Not a fan of chicken or any other meat? No problem! Swap out the chicken for paneer to make a vegetarian version that’s just as satisfying.

    Prepare the same spice blend and curry paste used for the chicken recipe. Instead of chicken, marinate cubes of paneer in this blend along with yogurt, then bake them until they are golden.

    Simmer these baked paneer pieces in the coconut milk and then add some tomato paste. Cook it on low flame for a while, which thickens beautifully and clings to the paneer, imbuing it with rich flavors. 

    Serve with boiled rice or Shana chapati to round out this vegetarian feast.

    So, shredded coconut chicken tikka masala (or the paneer version) brings a comforting, richly spiced flavor to your table with an unexpected twist of coconut that adds a luscious creaminess. 

    It’s an easy way to bring a taste of global cuisine into your everyday cooking. And by incorporating Shana Foods quality products, you’re guaranteed freshness and quality with every bite. 

    Happy cooking!


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