Samosa chaat: What to know about this Indian street food?

    samosa chaat

    Let’s have a quick chaat!

    There’s so much more to Indian food than just curries. Curries and flatbreads aside, the best place to enjoy a quick meal or snack is from a humble street vendor or cart. The vendor prepares the food right before your eyes as you ask them to customize it to your liking (More chili, please! Less onions! More tomatoes!) oblivious to the crowd of people around you impatiently awaiting their turn. 

    One of our absolute favorites is samosa chaat – crispy samosas served with chole (or chickpeas) and slathered in tangy and spicy sauces or chutneys. It’s a popular street food in many parts of the subcontinent and also a great way to enjoy samosas at home. 

    How to make samosa chaat 

    To make delicious samosa chaat at home, you take several different recipes and combine them into one. But there’s a method to the madness… and we’re here with a quick and easy recipe to satisfy your cravings. 

    At the heart of this chaat is the samosa. Crispy, flaky, and delicious pastries filled with a traditional blend of delicately spiced potatoes. You can use homemade samosas, store-bought samosas, or Shana frozen samosas for this recipe. At Shana Foods, we have a variety of pre-cooked, pre-packaged snacks that you can order online. Our samosas are oven-ready, making them a tasty and convenient snack, perfect for any occasion. 

    The samosa sits in a rich and creamy chickpea curry made with onions, tomatoes, spices, and herbs. The chickpeas simmer in a spicy onion tomato masala that you can customize to suit your taste. It can be anywhere from extremely spicy to a more mild, toned-down version. 

    As with any chaat, this dish gets flavor and balance by combining a variety of sweet, spicy, and tangy chutneys. Top your samosa and spiced gravy with green chili and sweet tamarind chutney and some plain yogurt to add more of a creamy savory-sour texture and flavor. 

    Assembling samosa chaat

    Once all your components are ready, you can assemble your samosa chaat. Scoop some chickpea curry onto a plate or bowl and crush or deconstruct the fried samosas on top of it. 

    Next, top it with green chili, sweet tamarind chutney, and plain yogurt. Finally, garnish with diced red onions, tomatoes, green chilis, and chaat masala. Serve while it’s still warm.


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