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Do you love the smell of freshly baked naan bread? Fresh from the oven, smothered in melted butter, and topped with herbs and dry spices, this fluffy bread is the perfect comfort food for any occasion. If you love to mop up gravy sauce with a pillowy naan, Shana is the place to be! We have a variety of plain and stuffed naan options, ranging from plain and garlic naan to more unique varieties such as chili and coriander naan.

Envisioning the growing demand of frozen foods and vegetables unique to South Asia, Shana Foods was established in 1996. Now a household name, it was the first brand ever to launch frozen flatbreads. Our naans are made with the finest ingredients, giving you a truly delicious taste that takes you right back to the subcontinent. Authentic Indian everyday food, they can be enjoyed with a variety of curries, daals, vegetable dishes, and roasted meats.

Shana garlic naan

A family favorite that goes well with almost anything! From soups and stews to curries like tikka masala or butter chicken, garlic naan is great as a side dish to any meal. Shana now brings to you delicious, garlic-flavored naan within the comfort of your own home. If you enjoy a good Indian curry, soft and buttery garlic naan is the perfect thing to order on the side.

For those who need an extra dose of garlic-butter topping, combine melted butter and minced garlic to brush on the naans as you defrost them, along with a fresh herb of your choice.

Shana plain naan

If you prefer your naan plain without any garlic-butter topping, this is the way to go! Delicious, soft, and fluffy, Shana plain naans can be enjoyed with a variety of curries. They’re tandoor flame-baked with a distinctive charcoaled appearance and unique flavor profile. Prepared using only the finest ingredients, it’s an excellent additive-free, preservative-free option for those who’re conscious about their health.

Even better - it takes only two minutes! Take the frozen naan out of the packet, slather it with butter or oil and fry on a hot skillet or warm it up in the microwave. You know you’ve achieved the perfect cook when it’s crispy and bubbly on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.

Shana chili and coriander naan

Simple naan bread flavored with fresh green chillies and coriander leaves, this is a treat for all your senses. It’s soft and buttery, with a dash of heat and tastes absolutely divine straight off the skillet or tawa. Shana chili and coriander naan uses fresh, wholesome ingredients to create an authentic flatbread that goes well with many dishes.

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