Why aloo paratha is the ultimate comfort food!


    Let’s take a stroll down memory lane… The morning sun peeks over the horizon, casting a golden glow on the dew-kissed fields. In the kitchen,  the hot tawa (griddle) comes to life with a mighty sizzle, ready to cook up something special: hot & crispy aloo parathas!

    A dish not just savored for its taste but cherished for its warm, comforting vibe. Aloo paratha is the kind of meal that makes you pause, reminds you of home, and the simple joys you share with your family.

    A globally cherished dish

    Aloo paratha, a typical Punjabi classic, is a savory combo of spicy potato filling stuffed in flatbread. Each bite features a crispy exterior and a soft, flavorful filling. 

    But how would someone have thought of filling spicy mashed potatoes into a flatbread? Well… aloo paratha started its journey in the fertile lands of Punjab, where wheat and potatoes are staples. But its appeal couldn’t be contained within these borders. 

    Today, this beloved paratha has fans across India, Pakistan, and beyond, each region adding its unique twist. From spicy fillings in the East to tangy side dishes & chutneys in the North, aloo paratha symbolizes South Asia’s rich and diverse culture.

    Across South Asia, aloo paratha wears different names but its soul remains the same. It is renowned as ‘Alu Porota’ in the East, ‘Aloo Parantha’ in the North, yet everywhere, it’s a known homely comfort.

    Making the classic aloo paratha

    The beauty of aloo paratha lies in its making. The dough is rolled out, lovingly filled with a spiced potato mixture, and then cooked to golden perfection. Each household or region has its unique recipe, so you might feel like you’re getting a new experience depending on where you’re having it. 

    Exploring the innovations in Aloo Paratha

    Aloo paratha, while deeply rooted in tradition, has embraced a fascinating range of innovative twists. Here’s a glimpse into how it’s adapting to contemporary tastes & lifestyles.

    1. Aloo chicken paratha

    This fusion combines the heartiness of potatoes with the savory goodness of chicken. The classic aloo paratha dough is stuffed with a mixture of boiled, shredded chicken, spiced to perfection with traditional Indian spices.

    2. Cheesy aloo paratha

    Cheese adds a cheesy twist to the traditional aloo paratha, making it irresistible for the younger crowd. The process remains mostly the same but with an added layer of grated cheese in the stuffing. 

    3. Amritsari aloo paratha

    Taking inspiration from the streets of Amritsar, this version focuses on the texture of the paratha. The dough is layered and flaky, like a puff pastry, and is generously brushed with ghee or butter. It results in a crispy, layered paratha that’s distinctively different from the classic version. 

    4. Tandoori aloo paratha

    The tandoori version is all about the method of cooking. Instead of being cooked on a tawa, the paratha is cooked in a tandoor (clay oven), giving it a smoky flavor and a unique charred texture. 

    Frozen aloo parathas: A convenience

    In our busy lives, making aloo paratha from scratch is quite challenging, right? Here’s where products like Shana Homestyle Aloo Parathas fill the gap. We bring the authentic taste and warmth of a homemade paratha without the hassle. Just heat, eat, and relive those wholesome childhood mornings in minutes.

    And if you’re in the mood to try some innovative fusions of aloo parathas, we have something for you.  You can stuff the fillings of your choice into the Shana frozen parathas too!  So much more convenient!


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