Fuel your World Cup fever with these Mango pulp smoothies

    Fuel your World Cup fever with these Mango pulp smoothies

    Who’s up for a game-changing twist to your T20 World Cup viewing party? As cricket fans gear up for the much-anticipated T20 World Cup, there’s no better way to fuel your fever than with mango pulp smoothies. Known as the “King of Fruits”, mangoes come with a fragrant, juicy pulp that’s hard to beat. While growing mangoes in Canada’s cold weather isn’t feasible, Shana Foods stocks your favorite brands – Alphonso Mango Pulp and Kesar Mango Pulp – to keep the taste of this incredible fruit alive for you. 

    And mango pulp isn’t just delicious… It’s also packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to keep you energized through the matches. 

    Here are 5 mango pulp smoothie recipes you can make during this T20 World Cup. 

    1. Classic mango tango

    If you want something super simple, blend together mango pulp, a splash of coconut water, lime juice, and a handful of ice cubes. 

    A healthier variation of this drink would be to blend together pineapple juice, orange juice, and frozen bananas with mango pulp. 

    For an extra touch of tropical bliss, garnish with a sprig of fresh mint. 

    2. Power play protein shake

    For those intense moments of the matches, you need a potent smoothie to maintain your energy levels. 

    Infused with mango goodness and protein-rich ingredients to keep you going strong. 

    Blend together mango pulp, Greek yogurt, a scoop of vanilla protein powder, and a dash of honey for sweetness. 

    3. Super six sipper

    This Super six sipper has six ingredients and is quick & easy to make. 

    It’s got pineapple, mango, and banana for a tropical taste, with spinach for some color (you won’t even notice it’s there, we promise!) 

    You can use almond milk if you’re lactose intolerant or pretty much any milk you like. Finally, you blend all the 6 ingredients with ice cubes. 

    The flavors of pineapple & mango come together in a very refreshing way.

    4. Boundary booster

    Celebrate your team’s boundaries or wickets with your favorite Boundary booster smoothie. 

    Mix together mango pulp, banana slices, almond milk, and a spoonful of almond butter for a rich, creamy treat. 

    The natural sweetness of the mango and banana pairs perfectly with the nutty flavor of almond. A winning combination to keep you coming back for more!

    5. Champion’s choice

    Imagine this. 

    The final overs are approaching and the tension is palpable. 

    What do you want to reach out for?

    Toss mango pulp, strawberries, kiwi slices, and a dollop of Greek yogurt into a blender. This fruity, colorful concoction is loaded with vitamins & antioxidants to keep you feeling refreshed until the last ball is bowled. 

    And that’s a wrap!

    Gather your ingredients, fire up the blender, and get ready to fuel your World Cup fever with these deliciously irresistible smoothies. 



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