5 Parathas you need to try this winter!


    What is it about cold and chilly winters that makes us look forward to crispy parathas so much? Munching on hearty foods and snacks that keep you full and warm all day long is definitely one of the reasons. Speaking of keeping yourself full, we can’t forget the importance of fresh and crispy parathas in every desi person’s life. Plain or stuffed, a garma garam paratha fresh off a tawa on a winter morning hits differently than a plain boring loaf of bread. 

    Hot, crispy parathas soaked with ghee pair well with curd, achaar, bhujia, or even with a dollop of freshly made makhan. With so much variety in the paratha world (yes it’s a thing!), there are many variations you need to try.

    Here are some drool-worthy parathas to have this winter.

    1. Mooli Paratha

    The spicy and tangy filling of mooli inside a crispy paratha is going to tantalize your taste buds for sure. Winter is the season of mooli and eating radishes in the colder months can be very healthy. 

    2. Aloo Paratha

    An all-time favorite, the classic aloo paratha is the OG of stuffed parathas. A must-have in the winter, aloo paratha is simple and quite easy to make. The soft aloo filling in a paratha is delicious when paired with curd or achaar – in short, you can’t go wrong with aloo paratha! 

    3. Methi Paratha

    Methi paratha is just the right combination of flavor and nutrients. Loaded with fiber, protein, and carbohydrates … it’s crispy, hot, and packed with flavor! You don’t have to worry about methi’s bitter taste because once mixed with spices and stuffed in a paratha, you’ll be asking for seconds! 

    4. Daal Paratha

    You can have this paratha anytime, in any season! Stuffed with mashed daal chana and spices, daal paratha is the ultimate comfort food in a desi household. The best part is that you can also use leftover daal to make this tasty snack anytime. 

    5. Gobhi Paratha

    What is a winter season without some freshly made Gobhi Parathas? Nothing! Some grated cauliflower or mashed leftover gobhi curry stuffed in a paratha is the ultimate source of joy and taste for a true desi. 

    If you don’t feel like making these stuffed parathas from scratch, Shana Foods has got your back. From Lacha Paratha to Aloo Gobhi Paratha, you can find your Shana favorites at your nearest grocery store.  You can also order online for curbside pickup in Richmond Hill. 


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