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Plain Lacha Paratha

Plain Lacha Paratha

Shana plain lacha paratha is a traditional Indian flatbread, known for its distinctive layers and flaky texture. Our laccha paratha is made with simple, wholesome ingredients, reflecting the authentic taste and comforting feel of a homemade meal.

Artisanal quality, homemade taste

• Layered texture: Each laccha paratha is given multiple layers, making a enjoyable flaky texture that's both soft and crispy.

• Simple ingredients: Made with flour, water, and a touch of oil, our parathas are free from unnecessary additives, keeping the focus on the natural flavors.

Versatile and convenient

• Ready in minutes: Our laccha parathas are pre-cooked and frozen for convenience, just heat on a griddle or frying pan for a delicious, golden-brown treat.

• Pairs with anything: Savor it with curry, pair with yogurt, or simply enjoy with a dab of butter.

category :Parathas
Weight :400 g

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